Our Story

Hi! I’m Teresa.

As a Restaurant and Sports Bar owner for the last 15 years, we’ve seen all kinds of “service/emotional support animals” come in. People have brought in both trained and untrained dogs, cats, and even a bird.

We have even had some dogs growl at the servers and “little yappers” bark at other customers.

After asking some Veterans how it makes them feel when people bring in fake service dogs, one Veteran said: “Really the biggest problem is people that have the fakes, or even trained service dogs that haven’t kept up with training, is that they distract our dogs. If our dogs are distracted they cannot do their job properly. I always say, you wouldn’t jam a stick in a wheelchair or pinch off an oxygen tube, so why would you distract a service dog.”

Her response was all I needed to know that I was on to something important in my effort to educate both my staff as well as the public; that this training could truly help others.

While we try our best to keep up with training for our entire staff, it is sometimes difficult to do with the high turnover in this industry.

I have found that most servers feel uncomfortable confronting customers on delicate situations as well.

After all these years, I’ve finally had a eureka moment and developed a quick, effective, and repeatable method on how to train staff to be in full compliance with the ADA and Federal regulations when it comes to approaching the matter of what constitutes a “service animal” and how to effectively navigate the situation.

I have trained my staff time and time again using this training manual, with great success, and I know you will, too!