Hi! I’m Teresa – a restaurant owner in the Florida Panhandle, which has 8 military bases, & many soldiers suffering from PTSD.

We see quite a few service animals, but we also see a lot of people trying to bring in an animal CLAIMING it’s a service animal.

My servers are often uncomfortable approaching the customers about the situation.

So I’ve created the PERFECT solution: it is a simple, inexpensive training packet.

All you have to do is to download the information, print it out, & follow the instructions. It’s really that easy!

Then you hand it to your servers & ask them to read it. You now have knowledgeable and trained employees!

When a customer walks in with a questionable service animal, the server then presents the customer with our 1-page outline (which follows ADA guidelines) & walks away for a moment.

Once the customer has read the page, the server then approaches and asks 2 simple questions.

By following this guideline, the customer is now informed of the federal laws regarding service animals in a restaurant, their own rights, the animal’s rights and your rights, all in a non-confrontational way. It’s a win for all sides!

For as little as $19.95, you can download a comprehensive training packet with the latest ADA Federal guidelines regarding service animals.

Train your staff in a matter of minutes on how to approach, handle, and navigate the complex situations surrounding true service animals vs. emotional support animals.

No need to keep spending money with continuous training. Download and reuse time and time again!

While researching the need for this training, I spoke with Karen about her dog, which goes with her everywhere.

I asked her what task Lady performs for her. Karen told me that Lady comforts her when she starts feeling anxious.

I explained to her that didn’t qualify for a service dog, but rather an emotional support animal.

I continued asking questions and she finally explained that Lady alerts her when she is going into a seizure.

Karen can then take steps to minimize the seizure, which sometimes causes her to black out.

Bam! There’s the task! Karen was unaware of the federal laws concerning dogs in public places but can now go in anywhere with Lady now that she knows her rights.

If you have been challenged about your service animal and/or would like to help educate establishments, please Contact Us or send us an email at info@Serv.Dog and we will send you business cards to help spread awareness.

For just $19.95, they can scan the QR code, download a packet, and easily train their staff in about 10 minutes!